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The junior senator from Illinois had come to this cavernous industrial plant, tucked away in the forests of eastern Ukraine, to see and to learn. He had come to this dilapidated, rusty factory, not far from the Russian border, for a lesson about how weapons of the past can present a danger for the future. He had come here, in his first foreign trip since taking office, as one of the requisite stops in the making of a senator..

Wright had been dreaming of directing for a while. She can’t exactly pinpoint when it started in her almost four decades in the entertainment business, but the itch would come up every now and then, when she’d see a director unable to reach actors in the right way or just have a clearer vision for how something should be shot. She always backed away, thinking she wasn’t ready.

You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeA mum has spoken about the horrifying ordeal of watching her baby daughter fight for her life after she was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body.Caitlin Rodger was devastated when doctors first revealed her unborn baby girl had a rare heart defect called Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries (CCTGA).For Caitlin tiny daughter Jessica Kendra, it meant her heart was on the right side of her body, rather than the left, and the valves and ventricles were back to front.She said just days after finding out she was pregnant she was dealt the devastating blow that due to the rare heart defect, her baby was already battling for life inside the womb.Hospital trust U turns on charging NHS staff 500 for parking after Mirror front pageThe 23 year old single mum from Dundee, Scotland, who is also the parent of five year old Maisey, has now spoken candidly about her experience, the Daily Record reports.She explained: “On the day of my first scan I was told that the baby is a girl and I was so over the moon to have a girl again.”But then they noticed something wasn right and they got a doctor in to scan me. He told me that the baby heart was on the opposite side from what a normal heart would be on. I just broke down in tears.”Medics monitored Caitlin baby with regular scans and Jessica was born on December 3 last year, weighing a healthy 7lbs 15oz.Doctors told Caitlin her baby girl was strong and she was allowed to take her home while a care plan was put in place to manage her condition.Jeremy Hunt finally admits he left NHS unprepared to deal with coronavirus pandemicHowever, after three weeks a routine scan showed that not only did Jessica have CCTGA, she also had a second rare heart defect, Abstein’s Anomaly, which affects just one in 20,000 babies and means the heart valves had failed to form properly and cause leaks.Caitlin said: “We then got referred to Glasgow Royal hospital for Children to the specialists there to see how bad the leak was, but they told me that there wasn’t just one leak there was two.”Doctors then told the terrified mum that Jessica would need vital surgery to survive.On January 22 this year, when she was just seven weeks old, Jessica underwent open heart surgery to repair her leaky heart valves.Caitlin said watching her brand new baby girl going into theatre, not knowing if she would come back out, was heart breaking.She said: “The doctors and nurses came to get us and I carried her down.

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