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“},{“type”:”paragraph”,”format”:”html”,”content”:”Campaigns are fueled by excitement; Biden didn seem to have it. The situation had its advantages: being homebound disciplined a gaffe prone candidate, and his themes of empathy and compassion resonated amid the ravages of COVID 19. But running for President online also neutralized Biden ability to connect with ordinary people through hugs and handshakes.

It would be an understatement to say that this semester will be the one of the most challenging times for this community. From students to seniors, to working class residents, COVID 19 will worsen Madison’s socioeconomic divide. We’re not going to sugarcoat the predicament we’re all in.

Vous ne pouvez pas dire que c la chirurgie esthtique qui m fait maigrir. Je l fait 5 fois parce que je n pas srieuse derrire. Arrtez d mauvais en disant que je n aucun mrite aprs liposuccions, mais j toujours assum. They found the snowmobile trail right away and followed it on Besnard Lake and then onto what called Muskeg Portage, between Besnard and Morning lakes. “We were following it and probably halfway between the portage we found a skidoo frozen and boy did that ever scare me,” Ratt said. “I started thinking the worst in my head.

Don’t let a lack of Voter ID keep you from going to the polls. Voters without acceptable ID may vote provisionally. Friday, August 17, to get a copy of their ID to the Clerk’s Office. Jay Fitch, owner of Kings Tavern and Saratoga City Tavern, said he and other local restaurant and bar owners are looking for small victories. He thinks a proposal from the Empire State Restaurant Tavern Association might just provide that. For Super Bowl Sunday.

Traylor and Diagne teamed up for a 10 1 run, capped by a mid range jumper from Moore. Cassidy Hardin drilled the last of her three triples with 3:13 to play to make it a seven point game. The Boilermakers countered every late push by the Lady Lions, as the visitors made nine of their 10 free throw attempts in final two minutes to seal the win..

Minnesota’s House of Representatives has rejected a health and human services spending bill because it doesn’t include a ban on a prodedure sometimes referred to as a “partial birth” abortion. The issue could be one of the last resolved on what’s supposed to be the last day of the state legislature. Minnesota Public Radio’s Eric Jansen reports..

Hotels for vulnerable population We are identifying individuals who are at higher risk of severe illness who are residing at emergency shelters or on the streets and preemptively moving them to hotels. CDC identifies the following groups of people are at higher risk: older adults, people with severe and chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and pregnant women. At this point, we are prioritizing people who are in 2+ CDC high risk categories, people who are age 65+, and people who have frequent hospital stays.

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