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There no Creationism in the Catholic Church, that nonsense. The Catholic Church has long accepted evolution and the scientist who wrote was is now called the Big Bang Theory was a Catholic priest. Catholicism accept the geological age of the earth and the evolution of species, they attribute the creation of life and the universe to God.

Yes I agree. I trying to provide that moment of insight for everyone here saying “I totally stealing that!” with some advice based specifically on experience. Shitty DMs are the worst, and a strict DM is terrible, but having a DM that just cakewalks the group is a fucking bore.

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I looked at their individual CD and MM offerings and the funds tracking those. Returns seemed to be aroun 0.5/0.6/0.7% which is significantly lower than standalone savings account. I am admittedly new to this and wasn exactly sure how and what to look for.

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Next, let us stop pretending that saying that Thunder Bay is getting a bad rap over incidents of racism. This morning speaking to a colleague in Toronto, his comment was “Thunder Bay is the Alabama of the north”. This city is getting a reputation based on the perceptions people are getting of our community from the number of incidents happening here..

HR professionals had to mobilize entire staffs to remote work, a feat of coordination that included shifting technology to homes and establishing vital links of communication. They set up COVID 19 protocols and had aid at the ready so workers could get the time and resources they needed should they fall ill. And they looked at more than just the numbers and processes, and instead saw the people, setting up counseling and wellness services that many employees needed to cope during an uncertain time.

I do think TV personalities sensitive to branding and ratings have to think twice before criticizing a top rated radio show in public and passing up an opportunity for airtime there, even if the context might make some uncomfortable. I also think some women see no ill in the gimmick and like the guys running it. I finally think guys well intentioned and nice though they may be are not always the best judge of what women like.

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